Frequently Asked Questions

What is HedonCity?

HedonCity is a trusted adult social media platform where you can embrace and share your sexuality. Here you can easily socialize with other people with similar interests, and you can share and get access to exclusive media content.

Why do you have different communities / sections?

We don't believe in the "One size fits all" solution and we understand that, while we are sexual beings, our sexuality differs from one individual to another. We want to make sure you can find a community where you feel you belong, find appealing media (pictures and videos) and socialize with the right people.

Here are the descriptions of the four sections on HedonCity:

Straight / Vanilla: this is a section dedicated to people interested in socializing with other straight people as well as sharing and getting access to beautiful adult pictures and videos. This is the section for you, if you consider yourself rather conservative or if you are not particularly interested in Kink or Swing.

LGBT+: this is a section dedicated to people interested socializing with other members of the LGBT+ community worldwide and in sharing and getting access to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender pictures and videos. This is an inclusive community that welcomes everyone.

Kink / Fetish / BDSM: this is a section dedicated to people experienced or curious about Kink / Fetish / BDSM. Join this section if you are interested in exclusive Kink, Fetish or BDSM pictures and videos.

Swing: this is a section dedicated to couples and singles interested in socializing with other people in the Swing community and in sharing and getting access to pictures and videos from other swingers.

Can I access different sections?

While you only need one account (email - password) on HedonCity, you can create up to 4 different profiles, one for each section. For example, if you are a straight person, but also a bit kinky, you might join the "Straight / Vanilla" and the "Kink / Fetish / BDSM" sections.

You cannot have more than one profile in each section and each of your profiles can be different from your other profiles. You can have a different name, avatar and even set a different sexual preference for each of your profiles. Please note that some of the attributes are synchronised between sections, so you only have to fill them in once (e.g. your height will be the same in all sections).

Moreover, each of your profiles has its own Inbox, Wallet, Ranking, Friends, Followers and Followed profiles, similar to being a different user of HedonCity.

How do I access a different section?

If you want to access another section, you first need to join that section. You can do this by accessing the "Other sections" link in your HedonCity Menu.

Once you have joined a new section, you will have a new profile in that section. You can always switch between sections / profiles from your HedonCity Menu, where you can see a list of all your profiles.

Which sections can/should I join?

While it is allowed to join any of the four sections, we recommend you to only join the sections which best describe your sexual / dating preferences.

For example if you are a straight guy, we do not recommend joining the LGBT+ section, because there you will mainly find people who have completely different interests... and if there are women in the LGBT+ section who are interested in meeting a straight guy, they will most probably also have a profile in the Straight / Vanilla section.

How do I use HedonCity?

This is a good question, so here are a few tips:

1. Start this exciting adventure. If you haven't already registered, go to the Home Page, where you will find the registration form.

2. HedonCity is a place for everyone. Choose the community that fits you best. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to explore all of the sections, after you register.

3. Don't be a stranger. Go to your profile settings and introduce yourself to the community by filling your profile: add a profile picture (preferably of yourself), describe yourself and answer to a few interesting questions. Afterwards, go to ALBUMS and start adding your best photos.

4. Explore your community. Check your Newsfeed by clicking on the HedonCity logo (up-left) and scroll down to see all the updates from your community. If you already know what you are looking for, go to FIND (in your HedonCity menu) and search for somebody who matches your preferences.

5. Don’t be shy. Start interacting with other members and have fun. You can befriend them if you know them, follow them if they seem interesting, message them if you want to start a conversation, or simply like or comment their photos. It’s up to you to make the most out of these social communities.

Are there any rules?

Rule number 1: be nice to everybody! Everybody is here to have a good time and so should you.

Then, of course, we assume that you’ve already read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy & Cookies. By using this website, you’ve agreed to respect everything that is written there.

What are HedonCity Credits?

To learn more about HedonCity Credits please visit the HedonCity CreditsController Info Page

What are HedonCity Ranking Points?

To learn more about HedonCity Ranking Points please visit the HedonCity Ranking Info Page

How can I make money on HedonCity?

To lean more about how you can monetize your media content please visit the HedonCity Programs Page

What are verified profiles?

Verified profiles are profiles which have been validated by an admin or by a trusted person, authorised to verify profiles and it basically means that the person behind the profile is who they say they are. We verify the gender and the approximate age of the person, but we don't verify their avatar or any of their pictures.

While verified profiles usually have a higher level of trust, it doesn't mean that we vouch for them or their actions. Everybody is responsible for their own actions.

At the moment we have two types of verification: the basic profile verification, marked with , which reflects the profile authenticity, and the admin verification, marked with , which certifies that the person is a HedonCity admin and you can contact them for any topic related to HedonCity.

How can I get verified on HedonCity?

In order to get your profile verified or to check if you can get verified, you can contact any of the following users from your section and tell them that you want to be verified.

If you have a profile in several sections, you can ask them to verify all of your profiles.

Please be aware that the person verifying you may decline your request if they consider you should not be verified and they don't have to provide you with the reasons for their decision. For example, profiles need to be complete in order to be verified.

Also, please bear in mind that if you change your profile's gender, or your age by more than 2 years, you will lose your verified status and you will need to go through the verification process again. You may also lose your verified status if any of the admins considers that this is necessary.

OK, anything else?

Not that we can think of, but in case we missed something, feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page. We would love to get your feedback and make HedonCity even more awesome ;)